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Download T-mobile USB drivers given here, install it in your computer and connect your T-mobile device with Model Name: T-Mobile Comet.
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On a related note, the circular d-pad is huge, and its design is a little confusing on a couple levels. First off, the recent trend toward optical pads -- particularly on Android devices -- has you immediately assuming that the big black area in the middle is an optical pad Rather, it's just a simple pushbutton for selection. Secondly, the raised chrome edge is a bit thin and flush, making it just a little bit trickier to push than it probably should be.

Then again, if this huge space below the screen really is necessary at this price point see the preceding paragraph , going with something like a trackball would've looked silly, so this is probably another case of Huawei doing the best it could with the hand it had been dealt. And we're seriously nitpicking, anyway -- you never need to use the d-pad in Android, and if you decide to, you'll be able to use this one just fine. The display is definitely the weakest link in the Comet's arsenal -- and considering that displays are one of the priciest components on any phone's bill of materials, that comes as little surprise.

It's got a 2. But can it get the job done? The actual display is far enough beneath the capacitive layer we'd say by 1mm or so that viewing angles are kind of irrelevant, because as you tilt it, the display ends up being obscured by reflection off that layer rather than by any negative LCD effects. The good news is that, as we mentioned, the screen is capacitive, and it pays off: Strangely, it doesn't seem to support multitouch at all -- though then again, on a screen this small, the usefulness of it is debatable.

We didn't really miss it.

Software update: Download

Above the display you'll find the earpiece of course surrounded by a proximity sensor to the left and a notification light to the right that can be configured in the standard Android ways. The sensor is pretty weird -- it works just fine as far as we can tell, but it very noticeably flashes red every half second or so when you're in a room without much light. Interestingly, we weren't able to get the display to go out simply by covering it, we had to hold our hand over pretty much the entire face of the phone.

Considering the meek processor and small screen, we expected the battery to run forever on the Comet, but it wasn't anything spectacular -- possibly due to the fact that the battery is a relatively light mAh. Then again, it was far from terrible: With heavy use, we think you could easily make it through a day, but you'll need to be sure to charge it nightly.

Camera It's a fixed-focus 3. The pictures aren't half bad -- particularly when scaled down to sizes appropriate for computer screens -- but the video capture was absolutely atrocious. It outputs CIF video x at a low framerate with pretty awful audio It almost feels like Huawei took a sensor designed solely for still photos and hacked it to do video. Following pictures are from Internet Explorer version 6.

Computer doesn't connect to device or file transfer with USB

They might be different in later versions of Internet Explorer. Step2 Click Run for the question "Do you want to run or save this file? Select "Run as System Administrator" from the appearing menubar. Then follow these instructions step by step. Step3 If you will internet securitys warning next, Click Run for the question "Do you want to run this software? Comet has to be switched OFF, before connecting.

Verify that "Install the software automatically Recommended " is selected. There is a problem. A huge one. Some apps, and data they stored on sd card is no longer recognized. So everything like say my entire phones backup records are now unusable after update. If you lost everything, I mean every setting on your phone, would you not be upset? I did the 4. My phone is the S4. I tried OTA and it was crawling. The only problem so far is a big one.

My WiFi speed has been slowed by half. I have Comcast with wired 50mbs down 10mbs up, the phone was getting mbs before update. Now getting I have a Comcast Technicolor tcc all in one Gateway. With default router settings I was only getting 3mbs down. Also the update removed at lest half of my shortcut icons, which was really strange. All my apps where still on the phone, and in my apps screen pages, just the shortcuts where missing on the home screens. Anyone else having this WiFi problem? BTW I tested my speed with two speed apps. I DL loaded another app just to be sure and it gave me the same results.

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Yes I have been finding my speed go from 30 down and 20 up to 9 down and 9 up but I found a solution! Try turning GPS on and wait until it finds your exact location the GPS will stop flashing and be solid then do a test using ookla. Once I had tried this every time I now get back to my original speed of just over 30 down and 20 up. This is the only solution that I found accidentally the other day but its worked for me every time.

I have the s4 i version running 4. Thank you Dan! I have no clue why your fix works but it does. Read your post around 2: Upgrade sucks! Killing my battery. I use to go two days before charging my note 3. Now is twice a day on the charger. Wish I could go back to old OS. The only thing bothering me about it so far is that I have to press the button more than once to turn the screen on. Galaxy S4 muvufnb4 tmo. System update on took 45 min to download via wifi. Remains ver. You are here: Jay Holm. Wifi while driving? I gotta get a router like that ;.

Just updated and now the settings app is completely gone. UndeadSunBro I still have the settings app after updating to 4. Where is the Note 2 update? Where is the Note 2 update!! Arthur Dixon. I like your style Jay: Gotta love that McD wifi.

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  6. Starbucks though is always being hammered. Randall Lind. Try Kies. Reset phone and try to do it over wifi. WTH white icons? No more Green battery look ugly as hell!! Yea I noticed when I did my Nexus 7. I like it now. Finally, something different.

    T-Mobile Comet review

    Yea the white is an android 4. I like it, very simplistic. Julian C. Tap and pay from Google wallet works now!! I read that there are issues with SD card access. Anyone having that problem? Stone Cold. KK update forces SD to read only. If you add a lock screen it will go away. That is fine but, why is Favorite apps or Camera disable? Got to be away to enable it. No idea why that is. It is the first thing under lock screen widgets. How about some S3 love? Screw kies lol copy that so plain wifi is better then?

    I like being independent of a pc. We will get it by the end of April.

    Rob Konzelman. Downloading now. No but the lettering is much sharper.

    My 4G LTE signal is better now. How were they able to make the signal better.

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    Does anyone know? And yes. Can you remove the camera from lock screen? Yes just disable it in the settings under lock screen.